Triple P hires coordinator for new baby-focused program

Sabrina Ibarra is the coordinator for Triple P for Baby in Elkhart County.

Triple P Elkhart County, an initiative of HEA, has hired Sabrina Ibarra to coordinate the launch of Triple P for Baby Online, the first stage of a new Positive Parenting Program resource for pre-natal parents and parents of infants in Elkhart County, and one of the first public initiatives to come out of the Building Strong Brains Early Childhood coalition.

Thanks to an Early Learning Indiana grant won in fall 2023 by members of the Building Strong Brains coalition including HEA, several hundred families across Elkhart County will have an opportunity to participate in one of the first pilot programs of Triple P for Baby Online in the United States throughout 2024. Triple P America recognized Triple P Elkhart County for this achievement in its most recent national newsletter.

Sabrina will begin in her role in the first week of the New Year, working with existing Triple P Elkhart County partners as well as establishing partnerships with other local entities that serve parents both before and after the birth of their new babies. 

Triple P for Baby Online is a web-based, self-guided set of learning modules all about healthy infant development and strategies new parents can use to create healthy habits and routines while taking care of the baby as well as oneself. As part of the local pilot of the program, parents will be provided with free access to the online program, which can be completed at each parent’s desired pace, up to a year from when they start. Part of Sabrina’s job will be to provide one-on-one coaching and encouragement to parents who sign up for the program to keep them on track with completing the modules as well as setting and achieving their parenting goals.

Over the next few years, Triple P Elkhart County will also offer a number of in-person Triple P for Baby resources as they are made available by the Triple P International team.

Sabrina is a social worker with expertise in working directly with families in both English and Spanish. She is a mother of four children, ranging in age from 5 months to 18 years old, and she enjoys baking, crafting, and spending free time outdoors. In this role, she will tap into her experience in both worlds – as a mom and as a social service specialist – to communicate with parents and caregivers of infants and young children and connect with community resources to help spread the word about Triple P Online for Baby.

Triple P Online for Baby is just the latest in a series of proven, research-based parent support programs offered through Triple P Elkhart County. Triple P Elkhart County has been supporting parents and families since 2015, reaching over 7,000 parents in that time.

Keep an eye on and follow Triple P Elkhart County on Facebook for updates on Triple P Online for Baby and other Positive Parenting Program news across Elkhart County.

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