Elizabeth Rodriguez

Elizabeth Rodriguez became an HEA Adult Pathways High School Equivalency (HSE) student in September 2016.

By Sherry Welty, HEA Coach and Career Counselor

Elizabeth Rodriguez is a CRCA (Certified Registered Care Assistant) Preceptor at Waterford Crossing, an independent living facility in Goshen associated with Trilogy Health Services. She has been caring for clients since November 2006. She became an HEA Adult Pathways High School Equivalency (HSE) student in September 2016.

In March 2018, Trilogy Health Services honored Elizabeth with The Difference Maker Award. She was one of three CNAs out of 5,000 across the country chosen for this prestigious award. The Difference Maker Award goes to someone who goes far beyond the call of duty, truly leads with a Servant’s Heart, and compassionately exhibits the Trilogy Culture.

We are incredibly proud of Elizabeth. Not only is she an exemplary employee, but she has spent countless hours working toward finishing her HSE. She has passed four of the five tests and is currently pouring all of her energies into math so she can pass this final section. Once she has her diploma, her next goal is to become a nurse.

This August, Elizabeth will attend the National Association of Health Care Associations (NAHCA) Conference in Arkansas with the top CNAs across the country. Elizabeth is a nominee for the national NAHCA Caregiver of the Year.

We cannot wait to see if this Goshen gem wins. Her work ethic and sweet nature will take her far!

Elizabeth’s determination to get her HSE stems from the love she has for her work. She wants to advance in her job. She is currently a CRCA (Certified Registered Care Assistant), but she can’t do that until that diploma is in her hand. As soon as Elizabeth has this, she wants to advance by obtaining her QMA certification which will allow her to dispense medications.

Elizabeth has been working with Margie Paulen, an HEA math tutor, for about a year. Margie is a wonderful coach who invests in each student.

“Elizabeth came into this program convinced she could not do the math,” says Margie. “As she has learned her math skills, her self-confidence has grown tremendously! I have no doubt that she will pass the math section to get her HSE!”