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Advanced Manufacturing Sector Partnership (AMSP)

Thirteen industry partners, educators, and community leaders are leading the work of the Advanced Manufacturing Sector Partnership.

The Challenge

Manufacturing companies in Elkhart County are struggling to find the talent they need. Outdated perceptions of manufacturing limit the number of young people who enter this field. The local manufacturing workforce is aging and nearing retirement age. Left unchecked, the skills gap for highly qualified workers in the manufacturing sector will grow.

The Solution

The Advanced Manufacturing Sector Partnership is creating a regional talent development system to meet industry needs. The partnership seeks to increase the number of local workers with industry-recognized credentials and competency.
Phase 1 of the training utilizes the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), which has two certification programs allow students and workers to document their knowledge through front-line manufacturing production and supply chain logistics.

Advanced Manufacturing Sector Partnership

Network Partners

Baugo Community Schools
Benteler Automotive*
Concord Community Schools
County Commissioners
Dept. of Labor
Dept. of Workforce Development
Economic Development Corporation
Elkhart Area Career Center
Elkhart Community Schools
Fairfield Community Schools

Goshen Community Schools
Goshen Stamping*
Hoosier Crane*
Ivy Tech
Kem Krest*
KIB Electronics
L&W Engineering

Lippert Components*
Lycro Products
Middlebury Schools
Patrick Industries
Robert Weed Corp.*
Wa-Nee Schools

*Leadership Team Member

Indicators of Success

The AMS Partnership identified an apprenticeship model as the most promising work-based learning model to pursue. They committed to develop apprenticeship programs for both youth and adults. Benteler Automotive launched the first pilot program in July 2017.

Thirty students began an MSSC Certified Production Technician (CPT) certification as part of a customized Department of Labor apprenticeship program. The program is delivered using a hybrid model including online and classroom instruction.

Advanced Manufacturing Sector Partnership

Contact Information

Jason Harrison
(574) 903-4739

AMSP History with HEA

In April 2017, Elkhart County manufacturing executives, educators and workforce development leaders, participated in a research trip to Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The group learned about Spartanburg’s talent training model and defined next steps to advance Elkhart County’s workforce. As an outcome of this trip, the Advanced Manufacturing Sector Partnership launched in July 2017.

Twenty-five community leaders representing industry, educators, not-for-profits and government participated in the launch.