Through a new partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Elkhart County and Goshen College, we are able to offer music education to students in Elkhart County. Inspired by a growing international movement called El Sistema, the partnership offers a music program that builds supportive communities through music.

“This is a program that is an important step to creating other such programs around our county,” says Goshen College Director of the Arts, Marcia Yost. “Music changes lives and changes communities.”

El Sistema, a partnership offering a music program that builds supportive communities through music.

El Sistema not only brings music into children’s lives that might not otherwise have the opportunity, but it also works to create community and help create a sense of belonging. This program, as it grows, has the potential of leveling the playing field for the children in our community.

“Elkhart County is a very special place,” said Marcia. “Music has been a part of our roots for decades. As we continue down the path of this partnership, HEA is playing a very important role convening the players together and supporting the vision in significant and meaningful ways. It is very exciting to look to the future of this program.”

Hillary Harder, El Sistema Coordinator for Elkhart County, was involved in the launch of the new initiative with the Boys & Girls Club. She believes this partnership can be life-changing for students.

“The goal for El Sistema in Elkhart County is ultimately to empower young people through music,” she says. “The greatest benefit of El Sistema that is the way it creates an atmosphere of belonging, sparking creativity and encouraging the drive to learn. The program opens up students’ worlds wider than they perhaps would have been otherwise. These effects can be life-changing.”