Last fall, we were delighted to learn all seven public school districts in Elkhart County were awarded school counseling grants totaling $3.6 million from the Lilly Endowment! The districts worked together to develop a comprehensive approach to school counseling in each district as well as across the county.

Support from HEA and CELL

HEA and the Indianapolis-based Center for Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) were instrumental in writing the grant applications on behalf of the districts. Both organizations will help direct the work of the project, providing technical assistance.

Program Highlights

Elkhart County schools united under the title, “Comprehensive Counseling Collaborative of Elkhart County (CCCEC),” to collaboratively work on aspects of school counseling.

The counseling project focuses on three main areas of need:

  1. Social-emotional Learning
  2. Career Readiness
  3. Counselor Optimization

“Each school in the county will benefit as staff and administrators work with their school counselors to improve student services and outreach to families,” said Executive Director of CELL, Janet Boyle. “As the counselors are learning and working together, they are also sharing ideas and resources for the benefit of all students in the county.”

Collaboration Works for Education!

This collaboration is one of five partnerships originally funded by the Endowment and the largest in funding amount. The competition was stiff — over 250 grant proposals were received by the Endowment with only 57 grants awarded. Elkhart County counted for seven of those 57 winners! The grant and project are a successful example of our community’s ability to collaborate to enhance education.