John TroutJohn Trout has officially retired as superintendent of Concord Community Schools.

For four years, we’ve appreciated John’s thoughtful insights, challenging questions, and commitment to collaboration as part of HEA’s board of directors and broader leadership in our community. John and the Concord team have made generous contributions to redesigning college and career pathways for students, and to finding innovative ways to increase student success all across K-12.

John is now leaving Concord in the capable hands of incoming superintendent Tim Tahara. John has impacted Elkhart County during his time at Concord, and we will miss him. We wish you well, John!

“I am truly going to miss being the superintendent at Concord Community Schools,” John said. “I have been blessed to be surrounded by an outstanding school community that shows incredible support to us every day. I am also grateful for a high-performing staff that is dedicated to our student body each and every day. The collaboration between all of the Elkhart County School districts, businesses, and HEA is second to none! It has been an honor for me to be part of this community.”