Education: A Shared, Local Responsibility

Education is the most important investment communities make.

Education is the most important investment communities make. HEA has created a model in which our region supports the education of individuals beginning at birth and continuing through adulthood.

Addressing community-wide education is an urgent local priority. Currently, we lag behind the state and nation in educational attainment. This issue leads to economic volatility and poses a barrier to talent attraction and retention. If we’re to secure our economic success, we must work together to address this need.

Why does HEA exist?

By bringing together groups that depend on each other but have not historically worked together, HEA has become essential to our community. Through this alliance, HEA strengthens our educational systems serving young children through adults.

Members of the Alliance

Six years ago, visionary business leaders and superintendents in Elkhart County formed HEA with the intent to strengthen our local education systems. Since that time, more voices have joined in. Today, private- and public-sector employers, the non-profit community, faith-based organizations, parents, families, and philanthropists have aligned with the vision to improve educational attainment and secure our economic vitality.