ELKHART — Sometimes a new opportunity is all someone needs to change their outlook and their hopes for the future. At Kem Krest, a new professional development program offered through Grace College and Horizon Education Alliance is providing an opportunity for employees and deepening their connection to their careers.

Keith Townes, CLT apprentice at Kem Krest

Keith Townes has worked at Kem Krest for two years now, and was chosen to participate in the CLT — Certified Logistics Technician — apprenticeship program when Kem Krest adopted the program earlier this year. Through the program, Keith and others are able to work toward a valuable professional certification that will advance their skills and open up new pathways for advancement in their careers.

For Keith, a new opportunity presented itself while he was in the middle of his CLT apprenticeship: He had a job offer from a different company doing the same job for $3 more per hour. Before Kem Krest chose him to participate in the CLT apprenticeship, he had been considering his career options. But now he was committed to his path. He turned the job down and told Kem Krest it was because of the opportunity he was given to get a certification and improve his career outlook.

This team member has been with the company for over two years, had become disengaged, and this program allowed us to offer him something bigger than just a job,” said Michelle Pfeil, Human Resource Manager at Kem Krest. “Without it I am certain we definitely would have lost him. We would have lost someone who is a bright, respectful, hardworking, and all-around good person; he is the type of person that is valuable to any organization they belong to.”

Cheyanna Artley, CLT apprentice at Kem Krest

Another Kem Krest team member, Cheyanna Artley, is also improving her skills and career options through the CLT program, earning credit toward the certification from Grace College as she works.

“I really enjoyed the class because it really gave me insight on how the entire logistics process works,” Artley said. “I have been in a few departments already picking, inventory control, order processing but there is so much more to logistics than just what I know. I believe that the CLT program really gives the motivation to want to grow and learn more within the facility and the logistics program.”

Thank you to our partners at Grace College and Kem Krest for making this apprenticeship program such a success!