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Children and Families

Initiative: Triple P

Triple P Positive Parenting Program

Elkhart County’s Triple P Positive Parenting System is a network of 65 organizations that are bringing evidence-based parenting support to Elkhart County parents.

Leadership for Triple P in Elkhart County includes Child and Parent Services (CAPS), Oaklawn, Bashor Children’s Home, River of Life Community Church, Elkhart Community Schools and Goshen Community Schools.

The Challenge

Quality of parenting has profound effects on children’s life outcomes, and on social mobility, opportunity, and equality in our society. As a society, we invest little in supporting parents. Access to parent support is not available for all parents, and there is often a stigma attached to seeking help. Elkhart County parents need access to better parent support. In a survey of over 1,000 Elkhart County parents, 58% of parents were unaware of the parenting resources available in Elkhart County. Only 10% expressed satisfaction with available resources.

Triple P Network Partnerships

65 Organizations are part of Elkhart County’s Triple P Network

Partners with Trained Practitioners

School Districts

Baugo Community Schools
Elkhart Community Schools
Goshen Community Schools

Social Service Organizations

CAPS–Parent Aide Program & Positive Parenting Program
HEA – Adult Education
Lincoln Therapeutic Partnership
Ryan’s Place

Early Childhood Education

Growing Kids Learning Center–Elkhart
Growing Kids Learning Center–Goshen


River of Life Community Church
River Oaks Community Church en Español

Health Care

Dame Tu Mano of Elkhart General Hospital
Goshen Health

Program Hosts and Referral Partners

School Districts/Educational Institutions

Concord Community Schools
Elkhart County Special Education Cooperative
Fairfield Community Schools
Goshen College

Social Service Organizations

Bashor Children’s Home
Church Community Services
Elkhart Public Library
Department of Child Services–Foster Care
Habitat for Humanity
MOPPS at River Oaks Church
Villages Foster Care

Early Childhood Education

Campus Center for Young Children
Kingdom Kids Daycare Ministry


St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Goshen
St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Bristol

Health Care

Elkhart County Health Department

Indicators of Success

Solution and Overarching Goal

Since its launch, over 2,300 Elkhart County parents have received support from Triple P in Elkhart County, impacting approximately 4,250 children.
Demographic data on parents showed that Triple P in Elkhart County is reaching every demographic group in our county. Parents of all income levels, educational backgrounds, and race/ethnic groups are seeking support from Triple P. We are building a foundation to reach every parent.
Parents express satisfaction with Triple P interventions. Parents reported services they received were high-quality, the content and information they received were valuable, the program met their needs, and they could improve their child’s behavior through implementing what they had learned.
Triple P is the most evidence-based parenting program in the world and reaches all parents. Our goal is to create a community-wide system of positive parenting in which access to evidence-based parenting support is available to EVERY parent and parents feel empowered to seek the level of support they need.

Tools for Measuring Success

88% of parents that completed a Primary Care intervention showed gains in child behavior, parent confidence, or sense of support as a parent.

For Level 4 Standard, the most intensive Triple P intervention, the assessment results show significant positive results for every assessment and their subsections — meaning parents improved across all areas assessed; use of positive parenting strategies, parental confidence, and child behavior.

Triple P First Five Years Report: 2015-2019

On December 15, 2020, Triple P in Elkhart County released a report about the first five years of implementing Positive Parenting Program in the community.

In the report, available to view and download as a PDF on this page, we tell the story of why we chose to bring Triple P to Elkhart County, who we partnered with to make it happen, and how our implementers work to support parents and caregivers of children in schools, churches, daycare centers, nonprofit agencies, local businesses, libraries, and elsewhere.

We also share key data about the positive outcomes we’ve seen with the families our Triple P practitioners work alongside, and share some of those families’ stories of growth and learning.

You can also download the report or a 2-page Impact Highlights document (available in English and in Spanish) at this Google Drive link. Feel free to print and share these as you wish. You may also watch the recording of our Five Year celebration virtual gathering on YouTube.

If you have any questions about Triple P in Elkhart County or the report, please feel free to contact us at


Triple P Positive Parenting Program

How You Can Help

Visit the Triple P Website to find out about upcoming opportunities to engage with Triple P, or visit their Facebook page.

Triple P in Elkhart County

Contact Information

Emily Herriott, Coordinator
(574) 596-6139

Triple P History with HEA

In March 2014, HEA and CAPS hosted Dr. Matt Sanders, founder of Triple P, in Elkhart County, who presented a series of public and private sessions for educators, parents, community leaders, and social workers. Following Dr. Sanders’s visit, a coalition of 12 organizations formed to work towards launching Triple P with the belief that Triple P could be a game changer for our community.
In December 2014, the Community Foundation of Elkhart County awarded HEA, CAPS, and partner organizations their first grant to launch Triple P.

The number of partnering organizations has continued to expand, with 65 organizations involved in implementing Triple P.

Triple P Positive Parenting Program