Flexible and Innovative

Adult Pathways System


Flexible and Innovative Adult Pathways System

HEA assists community partners in developing Networks to provide pathways to high-demand post-secondary credentials, advanced careers, and increased earnings while responding to the workforce needs of local industry.

Lumina Adult Attainment

The Lumina Adult Attainment Network is a network of post-secondary institutions, business leaders, and community partners focused on increasing the post-secondary attainment in our county. The Network seeks to close attainment gaps and ensure fair access to the support that leads to post-secondary success. This group also seeks to increase post-secondary attainment of Latino adults, adults with Limited English Proficiency, and low-income adults in our community.

Advanced Manufacturing Sector Partnership (AMSP)

AMSP Network creates a coordinated talent development system for manufacturing. It provides infrastructure to meet training needs in a sustained and effective way. AMSP members identify shared needs, design, and implement a combined approach to training, and create solutions to serve students and adults through their training programs.

HEA’s Model of Change

Early Learning

With a strong foundation, young people are able to become lifelong learners.

Child and Family

HEA builds the capacity of the adults that interact with children.

Student Pathways

Developing a strong and aligned talent pipeline for our community.

Adult Pathways

Building pathways to high-demand careers and higher earning potential.