Foundations for Learning


Triple P – Positive Parenting Program

AT HOME:  Triple P is the most widely researched parenting program in the world, improving parenting skills and reducing abuse and neglect at the population level. Triple P supports children’s development of positive mental, emotional and behavioral health. Child and Parent Services (CAPS), along with 20 additional partners in Elkhart County, are joining HEA in the county-wide rollout, which will be a first in Indiana.

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PAX Good Behavior Game

AT SCHOOL:  PAX Good Behavior Game is the most proven classroom strategy to avert lifetime mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. PAX increases instructional time by 300 hours per year, reduces the need for special education placements 30% or more and has long-term impact on rates of mental illness, ADHD, crime and substance abuse. PAX is already in 230 elementary classrooms in Elkhart County, with very strong results.

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