Cultural Change


Business/Education Roundtable

Business/Education Roundtable is creating a culture of mutual trust and collaboration between educators and business leaders, resulting in meaningful career-focused learning opportunities for Elkhart County’s students.

College and Career Success Coalition

College and Career Success Coalition is creating a “12+ culture,” where every student in Elkhart County understands the benefits of getting a certificate or academic degree beyond high school.

Reaching Higher

Horizon Education Alliance is partnering with local middle schools and Goshen College to provide workshops for 7th and 8th grade students to build a culture of college readiness and success. The workshops are attended by students and parents and are designed to inspire students to pursue post-secondary education and provide important information on how to begin planning and preparing to make this a reality. The Reaching Higher workshops are a first step in expanding the Early College model into the middle school years.

Horizon Mentoring Network

Horizon Mentoring Network is building a mentoring culture throughout Elkhart County by working with over a dozen other organizations to increase the number of people who can have a mentor.

Literacies Project

• Arts Literacy offers citizens of all ages the opportunity to experience the power and beauty of the arts. The foundational experience is Goshen College’s Music Together Program for infants and parents/caregivers, which provides benefits for cognitive, social-emotional, physical and language development.

• Financial Literacy empowers today’s youth to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs by giving them the experience of building their own lemonade stand to learn about becoming an entrepreneur (“Lemonade Day”), and also brings Junior Achievement (JA) to schools across Elkhart County.

• Adult Literacy Project, through a partnership with Elkhart Community Schools that involves over  60 volunteer mentors/tutors, empowers adults to become engaged citizens by giving them basic literacy skills.