Tools of the Mind Preschools

There is a strong, national evidence base demonstrating that high-quality preschool improves children’s learning and development. Tools of the Mind preschools have demonstrated impact on children’s self-regulation, executive functioning and school readiness. Tools of the Mind is specifically designed to integrate high-quality classroom play experiences that incorporate the types of interactions necessary for self-regulation. Tools of the Mind is designed to work for ALL children, including those with identified special needs and non-English speakers.


Current Program Reach:

Highlights of 2014-2015 Evaluation Results

Elkhart County High-Quality Preschool Research Committee

Tools of the Mind was selected as the curricular component of HEA’s preschool initiative by a research committee of fifteen Elkhart County early childhood experts and community leaders. Tools of the Mind was identified as the strongest evidence-based program for improving cognitive and socio-emotional outcomes. The research committee created a bold vision and plan for increasing the quality and capacity for preschool in our community. In addition to the selection of Tools of the Mind, the plan also defined specific outcomes for kindergarten readiness and outlined best practices necessary for high-quality programs. Click here to view HEA's High Quality Preschool Research Report.

Expected Long-Term Outcomes