21st-Century Teaching & Learning

21st Century Teaching & Learning supports schools in implementing innovative ways of teaching and learning, with a focus on students’ development of 21st century skills.

The Roosevelt STEAM Academy in Elkhart is integrating the Arts with a focus on interdisciplinary learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Roosevelt is partnering with El Sistema, an innovative and inclusive model of music education that has demonstrated its ability to change the lives of children and youth around the world. Through this partnership, Roosevelt plans to provide the opportunity for all children to play a musical instrument, beginning this year with all 3rd graders.

To learn more about El Sistema visit www.elsistemausa.org

Chamberlain Elementary School in Goshen is transitioning into an Expeditionary Learning School. Expeditionary Learning is a whole school transformation model that emphasizes project-based learning, student engagement, character development, and high-quality, authentic student work. Research on Expeditionary Learning schools has demonstrated that these schools outperform their peers on standard measures of student achievement.

To learn more about Expeditionary Learning visit elschools.org