Our Results

HEA is committed to tracking the results and impact of our work at every stage. HEA collaborates with our partners to collect quantitative and qualitative data on the effectiveness of our programs.  Each of our programs has a rigorous monitoring and evaluation plan in place to enable us to monitor program implementation, measure short-term results and track long-term impact.

HEA is also tracking population-level metrics for Elkhart County to measure our progress towards our goals and vision.  The HEA Impact Committee, established in August 2015, is leading the effort to identify shared community metrics and to ensure accountability to all of our stakeholders. 

Foundations for Success

Triple P
PAX Good Behavior Game

21st Century Learning

Tools of the Mind Preschool
21st Century Teaching & Learning
Early College High School
High School Equivalency

Cultural Change

Since 2012, HEA has convened hundreds of community leaders from business, education, and non-profits to serve on committees, coalitions and roundtables with the goals of driving the cultural change necessary to transform our community.