Elkhart County Named College Success County

Elkhart County Named College Success County

Elkhart County was recognized in early June as an Indiana College Success County in recognition of its work to convene over seventy local organizations who generate activities designed to increase the percentage of individuals with education and training beyond high school.


Horizon Education Alliance (HEA) led the College Career Success Coalition effort in Elkhart County, members include Char Cook, Rocio Diaz, Dr. Robert Duell, David Foutz, Linda Grant, Jim Kirkton, Kathy Royer, Summer Runyan, Jim Siegmann, James Taylor and Brian Wiebe. The coalition, composed of schools, businesses, churches and other organizations, works together providing resources to students to plan, prepare and pay for college.


“Much of the work is just letting others know what is happening on the achievement front,” said HEA College and Career Coordinator Jim Kirkton. “Activities range from college fairs to poster displays to announcements in employee newsletters and everything in between.”


The award presented by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education was accompanied by a road sign, which will be displayed along 10 major roads in Elkhart County.


“College Career Success Coalition brings an energy to Elkhart County, “ said Dave Foutz member of CCSC and the Elkhart County Council, “which will engage our youth in a quest for academic excellence enabling our county to develop a world class labor force and a self-assured population.” 


The Elkhart County College and Career Success Coalition has information, including a list of members, and members' activities at the Learn More Indiana website