February 18, 2015
HEA Initiatives  at Elkhart County schools prove successful

February 15, 2015
Tutors needed for Goshen Literacy Project

February 15, 2015
Tutors can help make lives better

January 8, 2015
Our View: Horizon is addressing Elkhart County education challenges

January 7, 2015
Music for Social Change Workshop

October 10, 2014
PAX Good Behavior Game Founder coming to Elkhart

September 8, 2014
Elkhart County Named College Success County

August 18, 2014
Tools of the Mind training

July 2, 2014
HEA submits Statement of County Readiness

June 4, 2014
Elkhart County invited to apply for PreK funding

April 14, 2014
Triple P Events with host Dr. Matt Sanders, creator of Triple P

October 25, 2013
Countywide Initiative to increase college success