Our Values

Community & Diversity
HEA believes that communities are stronger when working together. Diversity adds richness and complexity to community, making it hum with vitality.

Excellence & Equity
HEA strives for excellence in everything it does, while working to ensure that the pursuit of excellence is experienced by all members of our community.

Opportunity & Responsibility
HEA values a community where each person is presented opportunities to realize his or her dreams. HEA also recognizes the individual’s responsibility to realize those dreams and “pay forward” the opportunities they were provided.

Imagination & Grit (Perseverance)
Imagining a better future is the first important step in the change process; once imagined, grit and perseverance will make individual and collective goals attainable.

Innovation & Collaboration
Innovation is often thought to be the work of lone geniuses. HEA believes that collaboration creates synergy that catalyzes the greatest innovations.

Action & Research
Progress comes from balancing understanding and doing, research and action.