Overarching Goal

Create a COLLABORATIVE culture within Elkhart County that engages each major sector toward the goals and measures laid out in HEA’s strategic plan (6 years; 2018)

Six Strategic Goals

1. Each child is socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically ready for success in kindergarten by age 5 (ten years; 2022)

2. All children are prepared with the academic and 21st century skills needed for success in high school (and beyond) by the end of 8th grade (13 years; 2025)

3. All students will graduate from high school and attain a post-secondary credential or degree within six years of high school graduation (15 years; 2027)

4. Elkhart County has a creative, educated and skilled workforce (20 years; 2032)

5. Elkhart County has a culture of lifelong learning (20 years; 2032)

6. Each child has a parent/caregiver engaged in their learning journey (20 years; 2032)